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Coinpayments CronJob Setup

While depositing via Coinpayments, you must setup a cron job to periodically check users coinpayment transaction status. To setup CronJob, follow the steps below:- 1) Login to your cPanel and look for "Cron Jobs" in Advanced section(the placement of Cron Jobs may vary from server to server) like following screenshots -   Read More

How CoinPayment method works?

1) CryptoCurrency transaction is not possible from test accounts. 2) CoinPayment or CryptoCurrency Transaction need a minimum of 2 confirmations. 3) At first, CoinPayment Transaction will be pending. 4) After a real transaction is performed, CoinPayments API checks whether the status is 100; if so, the transaction status becomes 'Succes'. 5) A CoinPayment

CoinPayment Method CryptoCurrencies Loading Error

While depositing via CoinPayments, if you see "Loading Payment Method" with no cryptocurrencies (like the screenshot below),   Then, follow the steps below:- 1) Sign in to your coinpayment account at - - like screenshot below -     2)


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