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Deposit and Payout via MobileMoney

To deposit via MobileMoney as a payment method, follow the steps below; BACKEND STEPS (Part -1)  Login to admin panel.    Go to admin->currencies. Select payment-methods for the currency on which you want to add banks.      Go to

Woo-Commerce Working Process

Step 1: First of all, go to the Woo-Commerce site’s admin panel. Then upload the woo-commerce plugin (zip file). See figure 1 - [caption id="attachment_2641" align="alignnone" width="820"]Add New Plugin Figure 1: Add New Plugin[/caption]   Step 2: Then, Go to the Woo-Commerce Setting and then Payment Method and enable

Shop Module

Note: Shop Module is like a multi-vendor system. Every user can create his own store & the use can also buy other user's store products. Permissions: For enabling the Shop tab in the user dashboard -

Figure: 1

Admin have to set permission from admin dashboard.  


NOTE: All the functions of QRCode is placed in dashboard in mobile app as "QRPAY/Scan Qr Code" KEY POINTS A) For Users Each user(both general user and merchant user) has unique QrCode - generated during registration. -- Once a QrCode is generated, a user can view/update his/her QrCode in

Multilevel Referral System

Note: A unique referral code is generated for each user on registration. Only users with a referral code will get referral awards. BACKEND (Part-1)

Referral Settings

The referral settings are divided into two sections:-

A) Referral Preferences Settings

B) Referral Level


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