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Create an IOS App With PhoneGap Build

A Certificate and Mobile Provisioning file are required to build your iOS apps on PhoneGap Build, and in order to obtain these, membership in the Apple Developer Program is required. During development, you will use a Development certificate that will allow you to install your iOS apps on a pre-selected

Fix Gradle Sync and Generate Signed Bundle with Android Studio

Requirement-1 Make sure you install the latest version of Java Development Kit  ( on your machine and configure it in your system environmental variables ( At the time of writing, the latest version is - 12.0.1 Requirement-2 Make sure you install the latest version of Android Studio ( on your

Fixes – Send Money and Request Money

If you face problems while sending and requesting money from mobile app, follow the steps below:- 1) Go to (app/Http/Controllers/Api/TransactionController.php) and look for function - requestMoneyConfirm(). Remove line 104 (if (count($emailUser) > 0)) and add line 105(if ($emailUser)) (see screenshot below).   2) Go to (app/Http/Controllers/Api/TransactionController.php) and

Android App Deploying Process

Follow those processes to generate "apk" file. 1. At first extract your file. 2. Open "config.xml" file to your text editor ( Notepad, Sublime Text, Atom, Vs Code e.t.c). i. Search " widget xml" markup tag and change the id by your app id like id=”com.hostName.appName” and version by your app version


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