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How to configure Nexmo SMS gateway

FOR TEST PURPOSE: NOTE: As this is for test purpose, you can add test numbers but you won't be able to see your balance and test numbers that you have added, unless you install NEXMO CLIENT ( in your system. Installation and usage instructions are written clearly

Integration of Express Merchant API in other websites

Note: A merchant must be of express type. Please go to "Developer" page (in 'Related Links' of footer) and click on 'Express' tab to get details on how to integrate express payment gateway in other websites. Please see screenshots below:- 1) Click on 'developer' link.

How to solve permission problems in installer

To solve permission problems, follow the steps below:- 1. Go to you project root folder & open storage folder. 2. Select app, framework & logs folders. 3. Click on permission button & give permissions to write(Group & World) 4. Click on Change Permissions.  

Server Requirements

MySQL = 4.x/5.x PHP >= 7.1.3 (greater than or equal to) OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension  


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