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Send/Request money via Phone

To activate send/request money via phone number go to Settings->SMS settings to configure Nexmo. The SMS setting must be default to yes and status to Active. Then go to Admin->Settings->Preferences & change Send/Request Via  option as you prefer. You will get the effect based on that at front-end. Note: Before send/request money to other user, you must

Deposit via Banks

To deposit via banks as a payment method, follow the steps below; BACKEND STEPS (Part -1) - Login to admin panel.   - Go to admin->currencies. Select payment-methods for the currency on which you want to add banks.


Note : Before doing payout you must set Payment methods - (Paypal/Bank) from Payout Settings. Payout Settings 1) Go to Payout settings-> Add Settings 2) Select Payout Type ( Paypal/Bank) 3) Put valid credentials for Bank/Paypal. 4) Click on Submit.

Exchange Currency

To exchange currency - 1) Go to user Dashboard, click on 'Exchange' button.   2) Select From wallet currency  &  To wallet currency. 3) Enter exchange amount. Based on currency rate ( 'From wallet' currency rate) amount  will be converted. Note: User wallet currency which are activated from Fees limits->transaction

Request Payments

You can request money to anyone simply with an email address. To request money, follow the below steps:- 1) Enter recipient's email address. (Note: User might be registered or unregistered user of this system) 2) Enter your desired amount. 3) Select your preferred currency. 4) Write a note regarding payment. 5) Click on Send Request. Read More


To send money, take the following steps:- 1) Click on Send/Request button. 2) Enter the recipient's valid email address. (Note: You can send money to both registered and unregistered users using Pay Money. Recipient details will always be kept secured for security purpose.) 3) Enter your desired amount. 4) Select your preferred currency. 5)


You can deposit money via Pay Money in a simpler way. To deposit any amount, go to 'Deposit' and follow the steps below:- 1) First, create your account on Pay Money. 2) Select Payment methods  (Paypal, Stripe, 2checkout, PayUmoney,  Coinpayments, Bank or Payeer). 3) Enter your desired amount. 4) Select your preferred currency. 5) Click on


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