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Version 2.0.0

Crypto Exchange

CryptExchange v-2.0.0 July 17, 2023

CryptExchange version 2.0.0 is supported with Paymoney version 4.0.0 or above
Bug Fixing: Language improvement & missing transaction added
Bug Fixing: Addressed and resolved various simple bugs, for the stability of the script
Improvement: Script upgraded to laravel version 10 & compitable with latest PHP 8.1.0
Improvement: Applied new design with rtl support in the user panel for enhancing user experience.
Improvement: Bootstrap version upgraded to 5.0.2.
Improvement: Email templates improved for a more readablility
Improvement: In exchange direction creation or edition, a warning message will appeared when conversion value is set to API (if there is no api key is set)
Improvement: Exchange details is now specifically available besides transaction details
Improvement: Upgraded the design of the PDF generate file, improve the readability.
Improvement: Improving code quality according to Laravel standards.