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A dispute refers to a disagreement between the merchant and its consumer, encompassing scenarios like non-payment for goods or services, failure to meet contractual obligations, subpar performance under a contract, non-delivery or delayed delivery of products, or receipt of incorrect items, etc.

In our script, Only consumers or users have the ability to initiate a dispute regarding a merchant payment.

Generating a dispute

Make Payment

When a customer makes a payment to a merchant for any product, they will do so through the Paymoney gateway.

for knowing how to make payment page - mercent Payment.

To initiate a dispute, the customer must have made the payment via the Paymoney Wallet. Otherwise, the system will be unable to identify the user who made the payment.

Create dispute

To initiate a dispute against a payment:

  • Navigate to the Transaction.
  • Click on the Payment Send transaction for which you want to initiate a dispute.
  • Click on Open Dispute.
  • You will be redirected to a dispute page.
  • Provide a Title for the dispute.
  • Select a Reason.
  • Provide your message.
  • Click on Create Dispute.

To view the details of the dispute:

  • Navigate to the Disputes section.
  • Click on See Details of the disputes you created.
  • You will be able to view the details of that dispute.
  • You can send messages through that dispute to the merchant and admin.
  • You can also change the status of the dispute.

Upon creating a dispute, an email notification will be sent to both the merchant and the admin, informing them about the dispute initiation.


Upon receiving the notification email regarding the dispute, the merchant can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Dispute section.
  • Click on See Details of the respective dispute that was created.
  • The merchant can view the details of the dispute.
  • The merchant can reply and provide any necessary proof regarding the dispute.
  • Click on Reply after providing the necessary reply and proof.

A notification email will be sent to both the admin and the customer to inform them of the merchant's reply.

This allows the conversation between the merchant and the customer to continue until the dispute is resolved and closed.


Upon receiving the notification email regarding the dispute, the admin can follow these steps:

  • Access the Dispute section of the Admin Panel.
  • Click on the Title of the dispute to view its details.
  • Here, the admin can review the dispute details including the conversation between the customer and merchant along with any provided proof.
  • The admin has the authority to change the status of the dispute to Open, Solve, or Closed as necessary.

Once the status of the dispute is changed to Solve or Closed by the admin, neither the customer nor the merchant will be able to provide any further messages.