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Upgrading version from v2.5.1 to v2.5.1

Version Upgrade


To upgrade to the v2.5(Dec 23,2019) of Pay Money, first login to your cPanel.

Then, go to File Manager->public_html.

a) Add attached “favicon.ico” file at project root (optional)

favicon file: favicon.ico

b) From project root, replace the existing “.htaccess” file with the attached “.htaccess” file.

.htaccess file: .htaccess

c) Go to (vendor/buzz/laravel-google-captcha/src) and do the following two things :-

i) replace existing “Captcha.php” file with attached “Captcha.php” file.

Captcha file: Captcha.php

ii) add(or replace if exists) the attached “Option.php” file.

Option file: Option.php

d) Go to (routes/api.php) and replace the existing “api.php” file with the attached “api.php” file.

api file: api.php


As each upgrade has its installer enabled by default, to disable the installer, go to ‘config’ folder and replace ‘app.php’ with the attached ‘app.php’ file below.

App file: app.php


Few meta’s have been updated. Follow the steps below to update meta’s:-

1) Download the SQL file from the attached ‘upgrade-paymoney-v2.5-dec-23-sql’ file below.

2) Login to PHPMyAdmin from your browser & select the project database name.

3) After downloading the SQL file, open it with any editor(notepad++, sublime text, etc) & copy the SQL file text and paste it as shown in the following screenshot.

4) Click on the ‘Go’ button to continue.

SQL file : upgrade-paymoney-v2.5-dec-23-sql

STEP-4 (Optional)

Note: If you don’t see changes in your project, you must clear your project cache. The steps are mentioned below:-

1) Go to your project directory.

2) Open up your operating system terminal as an Administrator.

3) Run the following commands as shown in the screenshot below.