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PrestaShop - PayMoney plugin

Custom Features


This plugin is to be used to receive payments via the PayMoney wallet from PrestaShop site.

PrestaShop plugin is an on demand module.

Minimum Requirement:

PrestaShop version: 1.7 (We prefer the latest one

PayMoney web version: 3.9.1 (We prefer to use the latest version which is currently available on codecanyon)

  1. Step 1: Uploading the plugin and Installation

    Go to the PrestaShop admin panel. Then, click on Modules >> Module Manager.

    Then click on the Upload a Module button and upload the PrestaShop plugin as a zip.

    If the plugin is successfully installed then it will be shown in Module Manager >> Payment section.

  2. Step 2: Configuration

    When PrestaShop plugin uploading is done then click on the configure button.

  3. Step 3: How to get the client id and client secret

    To get the client id and secret key open the (Your site) in another browser (This is important).

    And, logged in as a merchant and navigate to merchants.

    Please Go to Admin > Users > Merchants and approve the merchant.

    Again, Please login as a Merchant, When you click the Secret code button, you will find the Client ID and Client Secret Please cop those and paste it in Prestashop Configure.

  4. Step 4:  Checkout process

    Add a product to the cart and proceed to checkout from the PrestaShop site.

  5. Step 5: Payment option

    While checkout you will get PayMoney as an option to make the payment.

  6. Step 6: Login to make the payment

    Here there can be two cases, Success and Cancel

    Case 1: When the transaction is succeed

    After payment is successful, on both payer and merchant panel, it will show the transaction.

    Transaction on Payer panel in PayMoney -

    Transaction on Merchant panel in PayMoney -

    Transaction on PrestaShop admin panel,

    Case 2: When the transaction is cancelled

    In this case, the plugin will redirect the payer to the payment page.

Special Note:

  • The merchant must have the currency that the customer checkout with
  • Merchant cannot make payment to himself