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Recharge module (Top_up) using Reloadly

Custom Features

Use this quick start if you want to make a top-up with Reloadly’s Airtime API in the fastest way possible. Reloadly provides a high-level interface for end-user applications to communicate with our platform through our APIs.

Initial setup:

  1. You need a Reloadly account. If you don’t already have one, follow the registration procedure.
  2. Next, you need to have funds in your test wallet. When you sign up, a certain amount of funds are automatically added to your test wallet. You can fund your live wallet by following the steps in the Wallet section.
  3. Sign in to retrieve your client_id and client_secret keys for test mode. You can get both keys by toggling from live to test mode on the sidebar and navigating to Developers -> API settings.

Set Up payment methods and Fees Limits:

  1. Login into the admin panel and set up payment methods and fees limits. See the image to get an idea.

Currency Payment method setup. Put your Reloadly client_id and client_secret and mode here.

Activated Fees and Limits for Reloadly mobile recharge (Top-up).

Reloadly User Panel:

  1. Login into your account and then click Mobile Recharge from user dashboard sidebar.

When click on Mobile Recharge, you can see a page like this.

Then put your mobile number in the phone number input field. When you put a correct phone number then Reloadly API detect the mobile number and provide the operators details with supported amount list that you can be recharged to this number.

Reloadly Provide two type’s amount. Fixed value and Range value base on mobile number.

If they provide fixed value amount, then you can’t recharge without those amount. Otherwise, if they provide range value then you can recharge any amount within this range

You can only pay with the currency wallet in which the merchant account is opened.