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A ticket serves as a method to contact and engage in conversation with the admin through the website for a specific reason or inquiry.

Create Ticket

Both normal users and merchant users can create tickets using the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Ticket section.
  • Click on Create Ticket.
  • Provide the subject, priority, and your message.
  • Then click Create Ticket.
  • The ticket will be created.
  • Users can also change the status of the ticket as needed.

Upon creating the ticket, the admin will receive a notification via email.


After receiving the notification, the admin will navigate to the Ticket section in the admin panel, where they will find a list of tickets.


The admin can perform the following actions on the ticket:

  • Click on Edit for the specific ticket.
  • Change its priority as necessary.
  • Assign the ticket to another admin if available.


To engage with the ticket, the admin can:

  • Click on the Subject of the ticket.
  • Compose a message regarding the ticket.
  • Attach any relevant documents.
  • Change the status of the ticket accordingly.

The admin and user can communicate each other through that ticket. after solving the issue the admin will change the status of that ticket in close.

If the ticket status is Hold or In Progress, the user can change the ticket status. However, if the ticket status is Closed, the user won't be able to change the status.