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Upgrading CryptExchange - Paymoney Crypto Swap and Buy/Sell Addon from v2.2.0 to v2.2.1

Version Upgrade

Note: This upgrade procedure is intended for users who have already upgraded PayMoney from v4.2.1 to v4.2.2 or higher and have not customized the application.

If your web application has been customized, be careful as applying these steps might break the application.

Ensure that you have a backup of your files and database before proceeding.

Important Note: CryptoExchange Addon - version 2.2.1 is supported with PHP 8.1.0.

  1. STEP-1:

    • log in to your cPanel.

    • Navigate to File Manager and access the public_html folder or the subdomain where your script is located.

    • Locate the Modules folder and find the existing CryptoExchange folder.

    • Delete the old CryptoExchange folder.

    • Unzip the latest version of CryptExchange – Paymoney Crypto Swap and Buy/Sell Addon (v2.2.1) locally.

    • Upload the file to the same location and unzip the contents there.

  2. STEP-2:

    • Go to your project directory.

    • Log in to your SSH account. Go to the directory where the Pay Money project exists.

    • Run the following command as shown in the screenshot below.

    composer du & php artisan optimize:clear

  3. STEP-3 (optional)

    Go to your admin panel now and take a look around. To continue, you might be asked for your Envato username and purchase code.

    Click to verify purchase code button to verify

    Once the purchase code is verified, your CryptoExchange addon will be successfully upgraded to version 2.2.1.

    If needed, perform a hard reload in your browser by pressing Ctrl+F5 (windows)  Command+Shift+R (mac) to ensure all changes take effect.

Database Adjustment

Download the sql file from here and copy all the text and paste it to your database sql section accordance with the screenshot for database-related adjustments.