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Version 1.3

PayMoney v-1.3 October 05, 2018

Bug Fixing: Unregistered user will get all updated transfer payments added to his/her wallet.
Bug Fixing: Payout balance is accurate when cancels it after a payout is initiated.
Bug Fixing: When admin changes a merchant type merchant client id and client secret gives an error.
Bug Fixing: Fixed all emails currency symbol, based on admin/setting/preferences - Money Symbol Position.
Bug Fixing: Updated user panel meta url for password reset.
Bug Fixing: Fixed editing currency in admin (when status is default).
Bug Fixing: Client-side validation of first and last name in user profile.
Bug Fixing: Merchant payment redirection will be at user dashboard instead of home page.
Bug Fixing: Transactions status for merchant payment ( Payment sent & payment received ) and transfers ( Transferred and Received ) are now synchronous when admin change the status.
Bug Fixing: When transferring money to unregistered user, email won't be null.
Bug Fixing: Payment sent and payment received (user and received), both transaction types will have same user and receiver name like transfers(Transferred and Received transaction type.)
Bug Fixing: Request sender image will show in request receiver account issue fixed.
Bug Fixing: ( admin/settings/countries )-server-side validation of countries is fixed.
Bug Fixing: (admin/settings/languages)-server-side validation of languages is fixed.
Bug Fixing: User wallets default status is fixed in admin panel user details.
Bug Fixing: User name will be null in merchant payment when paying to a merchant by stripe, paypal or other payment methods instead of pay money system.
Bug Fixing: Request creator and request acceptor wallet balance calculation problem is solved, when admin updating transaction status from success to refund from transactions menu.
Bug Fixing: Fixed 'user name' when a user is paying to a merchant by payment methods(other than paymoney) without login;Payment Received entry in transactions list in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Company logo not coming in deposit for coin payments.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion header text changed in user dispute section.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion admin reply date format fixed in user disputes.
Improvement: Timezone will now be called from php default time zones.
Improvement: Changed user's phone number from integer to string of size 20.
Improvement: Added Chinese Template for both email and sms.
Improvement: If user delete payout setting, the payout entries won't be deleted.
Improvement: Added new Table 'withdrawal_details'
Improvement: Admin cannot refund any transaction once it is cancelled.
Improvement: Duplicate phone number check in user profile.
Improvement: Creation of new 'client secret' and 'client id' for express merchant.
Improvement: Added last login and ip address for users.
Improvement: In fees-limit, default currency will always be set to active.
Improvement: If admin changes existing default currency to other currency fees limit on active.
Improvement: Social Links will not be required.
Improvement: Disabled preloader from frontend and user dashboard.
Improvement: Removed payment methods menu from admin settings.
Improvement: Installation, the fees-limit of default currency will be automatically.
New Features: Added email verification on user registration with custom email template.
New Features: Added password reset custom email template(user & admin).
New Features: Added enabling/disabling of verification mail in admin/settings/preferences.
New Features: Mobile Number with International Telephone Input has been added, with validation, flag dropdown and country code. (Added both in admin and user panel)
New Features: Added Nexmo Sms Gateway.
New Features: Added SMS templates.
New Features: SMS will be sent in all transactions in both admin transactions status change and user transactions, according to SMS templates.
New Features: Added 2-Factor Authentication.
New Features: Added 2-Factor Authentication email template.
New Features: Admin can change 2-Factor Authentication types(by email , by phone, by email & phone), based on which user settings/2fa will be displayed.
New Features: Admin cannot change 2-Factor Authentication type to (by phone and by email & phone), if sms settings is not configured properly.
New Features: Changing the 2-Factor Authentication type to disable, will disable it completely from user panel..
New Features: Added login via in admin/settings;if sms credentials are not set or not active/default, admin can not change login type to (email or phone).
New Features: User can now login with email or phone, according to admin (login via) settings.