User Status Change From Admin Panel

Admin can set user status to Active/Inactive/Suspend. Go to Admin/users/edit option to change status.

1. Active: Users can do all types of activities from his/her panel.

2. Suspended:  Users will be able to login to the system, but they can’t do any type of transactions (Deposit, Send Money, Request payment, Exchange, Payout, Merchant payment)

– After suspended while the user login to his/her account & going to do any kind of transaction there will show a message like a user is suspended & can’t do any type of transaction.

Note: If payout settings are not set while going to set the settings that time suspend message will appear only.

3. Inactive: Users can’t log in to the system. While going to login into the system a message will appear to the user that he/she is inactivated.


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