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Upgrading version from 1.1 to 1.3

Version Upgrade

To upgrade to the latest version of PayMoney, first login to your cPanel.

Then, go to File Manager->public_html.

Select all the folders except .env file & replace with new folders from upgraded version folder.

As each upgrade has it’s installer enabled by default, to disable the installer, go to ‘config’ folder and replace ‘app.php’ with the attached ‘app.php’ file below.

Go to project .env file, add these two lines for enabling SMS & 2-Factor Authentication.

Finally, you need to update your database. To update, follow the steps below:-

i) Download the sql file from the attached ‘updated-sql’ file below.

ii) Now, login to phpmyadmin from your browser & select the project database name.

iii) After downloading sql file, open it with any editor(notepad++, sublime text etc) & copy the sql file text and paste it like the following screenshot.

iv) Click on ‘Go’ button to continue.

Sql file : updated-sql

App file : app.php