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Version 4.0.0


PayMoney v-4.0.0 August 07, 2023

Paymoney version 4.0.0 is upgraded to latest laravel version 10
and supported with latest PHP 8.1.0 version
Bug Fixing: BlockIo status update fail automatically fix.
Bug Fixing: Simple bug fixing are also taken care of.
Improvement: The bootstrap version has been upgraded to 5.0.2 in admin panel, user panel, frontend
Improvement: A new design applied to user dashboard and frontend.
Improvement: In frontend dark version added
Improvement: RTL support added in user dashboard panel.
Improvement: Generate PDF document with the newly implemented design.
Improvement: Language conversion improved and json file added instead of php array file for easily maintainable and changeable.
Improvement: Filter added in withdrawal settings, Merchant payments, Tickets, disputes
Improvement: Ticket and Dispute load more option added
Improvement: Now admin can choose in whether merchant or user will pay the fee for the payment.
Improvement: Code optimized , unnecessary junk code, files and comments erased.
Improvement: Emails and SMS templates and code quality improved
Improvement: JS and CSS compressed for loading performance
Improvement: Public assets refactored.
Improvement: Junk packages removed.