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Withdrawal methods

There are three payment methods are available for the withdrawal

  • Bank
  • PayPal
  • Crypto

The Withdrawal process for these payment methods are manual.

Withdrawal Settings

To configure withdrawal settings, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Withdrawals > Withdrawal settings > Add Settings.

  • Choose the withdrawal type from options such as PayPal, Bank, or Crypto.

  • Input valid information corresponding to the selected withdrawal type.

  • Complete the process by clicking on the Add Settings button.


Now you can Withdraw your desired amount from your wallets by following below steps:-

  • Navigate to on Withdrawals > Withdraw Money button.

  • Select Payment Methods & Currency.

  • provide your desire amount (provided amount mustn't be greater then than the amount in your wallet)

  • Click on Procees button to confirm.

  • Then click on Confirm & Withdraw to send withdrwal request to the admin.

In Withdrawal list menu, you can see the list of all payouts detail with fees.

A new record will be created with pending status and also money will be subtracted from his/her wallet.

Receive Withdrawal Money

After generating a request and sending it to the admin, the admin will receive a notification. The admin can then locate the corresponding record, including payment method details, in both the transaction list and withdrawal list (note that the record is the same in both lists).

Subsequently, the admin will physically transfer the requested money to the user's selected payment method. Once the transfer is completed, the admin will update the request status in the system to "success" or take any other necessary steps, such as changing the transaction status to "cancel" or "pending" as appropriate.