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Note : Before doing payout you must set Payment methods – (PayPal/Bank) from Payout Settings.

But both Paypal and Bank is manual process.

Payout Settings

  • Go to Payout settings -> Add Settings

  • Select Payout Type (PayPal/Bank)

  • Put valid credentials for Bank/PayPal.

  • Click on Submit.

Go to Dashboard, click on Payout button.


Now you can payout your desired amount from your wallets by following below steps:-

  • Click on Payout button.

  • Select Payment Methods & Currency.

  • Click on Submit button to confirm.

In Withdrawal list menu, you can see the list of all payouts detail with fees.

A new record will be created with pending status and also money will be subtracted from his/her wallet. Admin will find that record with the bank details in the transaction list and payout list (N.B. in both the record is same).

Now an admin physically deposits (transfer) that money to the user’s bank account and then in the system, he/she will make status success or take the other necessary step (make the transaction status cancel/pending).