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Version 3.3

PayMoney v-3.3 March 23, 2022

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of bank deposit user_id not found
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue currency name Europe renamed to Euro
Bug Fixing: Permission added (Admin Security, Notification Settings, Notification types)
Bug Fixing: Deposit and Withdrawal button permission added on admin panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of admin can deposit and withdraw for Inactive and Suspened users
Bug Fixing: Merchant payment (login and confirm) page design refactor in modern template
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of bank if transaction exist, bank should not be deleted
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of send/request money menu visible while deactive from admin panel
Bug Fixing: Deposit and Withdrawal from admin panel (create, confirm, success) page design refactore
Bug Fixing: Fixed the issues Page title (Frontend theme, Admin Security Settings)
Bug Fixing: Validation added for user role group
Improvement: Admin can enable how many wallets user will get immedialty after being register
Improvement: Decimal point duplicate amount input field fix
Improvement: Character can not be input on key press in amount field
Improvement: Coinpayment transaction validation improved
Improvement: Currency code unique added to database level
Improvement: Identity & address verificaiton - input type updated from number to text (file supported - pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp)
Improvement: Bank add & update backend validation added
Improvement: Crypto and fiat decimal places (1-8) display settings added
Improvement: Admin security (url prefix) is displayed during update, also check max character
Improvement: Admin security (IP access) if enabled, at least one ip & his own Ip is required
Improvement: Remove junk files and folders, also refactor with PSR and indentation
New Features: Coinpayments added for crypto deposit, send/receive
New Features: Crypto manual withdrawal added
New Features: Admin can set multiwallets option (User get during registration)
New Features: Multiple api option added for currency exchange