Deposit via Banks

To deposit via banks as a payment method, follow the steps below;


Login to admin panel.


Go to admin->currencies. Select payment-methods for the currency on which you want to add banks.


Go to “Banks” menu and click on “Add Bank”. A modal will pop up and enter your bank credentials.

Upon completion, you can see a confirmation message as well as the list of banks.

You can –

— set a bank as default.

— set logo for each bank.

— set a bank status active/inactive.

— add multiple banks.

— edit & delete banks.

Key Points to note –

— the bank logo is not required. You can or cannot give logo.

— If bank logo is not set, the system’s default bank logo will be displayed at frontend








– When a user deposits selecting bank as the payment method, the system will –

 — initially, will always show the default bank with it’s credentials.

— will show only active banks.

— if there are multiples banks set by admin, users will be able to cycle through them to see their credentials.

— bank logo will be displayed dynamically on bank change.

— if bank logo is not set by admin, default bank logo will be displayed

— users must place an attachment (must be – png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, pdf, docx,txt or rtf file ) as document/proof




— If a user do not have the wallet for which he has deposited via bank, then the wallet will automatically be created with a balance of 0.

— In transactions list, the deposist entry will have the bank log as well as the bank name for the convenience of the user.




— intitially, the deposit will be pending. That is, no amount will be added to the user’s wallet.

— admin will be able to see all the bank credentials as well as download the user’s attached file for verification.

— once, admin changes the deposit’s status to success the amount will be added to the user’s wallet.


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