Version 2.3

PayMoney v-2.3 August 29, 2019, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with standard merchant payment form.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with express merchant sdk validations.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with fees limit payout setting.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with email not displaying correctly in request
payment acceptance.

Improvement: Removed mycrypt extension and added xml,ctype,gd,iconv, extensions
check during installation.
Improvement: Allowed only three(USD,GBP & EUR) currencies by default.
Improvement: Backend Validations for transaction modules.
Improvement: If no payout setting is added by users, an alert to setup payout settings will be displayed.
Improvement: The system can now calculate values upto 8 decimal places; instead of 
just 2 decimal places.

New Features: User can now change default wallet from his/her profile.
New Features: Merchant can now change payment acceptance currency.
New Features: Merchant payment fee will now be calculated with 
both merchant fee and deposit fee of each payment method
(if fees limit is active for a currency).


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