Email Templates

To setup email templates navigate to Setup -> Email templates and change the content according to your needs. Email templates  support multi language.

Transfer payment:

User Action: Sender & receiver both will get mail in each time.

Admin action: If any reason admin Refund/Pending transfer payment user will get mail. If Cancel any transfer payment only sender will get mail.


{sender_id}= Sender name

{symbol}{amount}= Currency symbol with amount

{uuid}= Transaction Id

{created_at}= Date

{receiver_id}= Receiver name

{fee}= Fees

{soft_name}= System name

Request Payment:

User Action:  When user Create any request payment  that time only the receiver will get mail.

Request acceptance:

User Action:  After accept the request amount the Request sender will get mail only. If receiver Cancel request sender will get mail.


{acceptor}=  Accepter name

{uuid}= Transaction Id

{created_at}= Date

{note}= Notes

{soft_name}= System name

Admin Action( Success/refund): Cancel from admin Request sender will get mail. If Refund/Pending form admin both user will get mail ( Sender/Receiver).


Admin Action: When admin make the status Successful/Cancel only that time user get mail.


When admin assign any Ticket to any user that time user will get mail from admin

Ticket Reply:

When admin give ticket reply that time user also get  mail.

Dispute Reply:

From Administrator reply will get the user as mail.


When  Refund any payment from admin both the merchant & user will get mail.


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