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Version 3.5


PayMoney v-3.5 September 21, 2022

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue wrong email templates of money withdrawn by system administrator
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of decimal places in crypto withdrawal list amount
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of deposit month value
Improvement: Coinpayment min amount error and api key permission message display
Improvement: Company name cached so every time it will not call from database
Improvement: Firstname lastname - characters limit to 30, url or any special character will not be allowed
Improvement: File extension and size validation updated for Ticket and Dispute (only allowed JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOCX)
Improvement: Middleware updated so that any malicious script couldn't pass through the request
Improvement: AddonManager updated for specific message error message display
Improvement: Different helper functions applied for code optimization and reusability
Improvement: Remove junk files and folders, also refactor with PSR and indentation
New Features: BlockIo added for crypto Send/Receive via address
New Features: Each user have their crypto address during the registration
New Features: Admin or User can send crypto via their address wallet