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Crypto Send Receive via Crypto Provider

Admin Status Change


  1. Admin / Site owner must sign up Tatum.Io before proceeding. 

  2. This feature only work from Pay Money v4.1.0 or greater than v4.1.0

  3. Admin Can get API keys from dashboard


  1. Admin can generate Crypto Asset via

  2. Admin can send Crypto to PayMoney user and also receive from the User. 

  3. Cryptocurrency can be sent from user to merchant valid network wallet address

  4. Cryptocurrency can be sent from user to any valid network wallet address 

  5. Currently there are five crypto currency that has been integrated. In future we will implemented other crypto currency also.

  6. Allowed crypto currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron & Ethereum. 

Back End

Add new asset

  1. Go to admin->Crypto Provider ->Tatumio and click “Add new asset” button.

Some important points to note:

  • The admin/site owner can either set Real or (TESTNET!) credentials.

  • On the dashboard you can find two api key, one is for test net & other one is for main net. If you use testnet key for creating the asset Testnet asset will be create, to crate main net crypto currency you have to use main net api key.

  • Only “Active” cryptocurrencies will be considered.

  • If “Create Address” is set to “On”, wallet address against selected cryptocurrency will be created for all “ACTIVE” existing/registered users. These user wallet addresses will be created under the cryptocurrency of the merchant/admin.

  • After successfully created a crypto asset, a crypto wallet create on blockchain, against the wallet  unique address will be generate for admin , each active user will get a unique address against the crypto asset that has been created.

  • Web hook notification will also create  after creating the crypto asset, you can check the notification list on dashboards notification panel , by the web hook url crypto transaction notification will be handled on the application.

Only five notification url can be create on free plan and a limited number of notification can be operate with free plan.

Crypto asset list will be shown on the teatumio provider list,  unique address will be generate for the admin this will used as the merchant address.

Crypto Send Via Admin

On each crypto asset there is send button, by clicking the button you can initiate the crypto send.  On the crypto send page admin first have to select the user to send crypto

After selecting the user, user crypto address, merchant address will be show

Initially the transaction will be created with pending status, transaction will be success after getting success notification from blockchain.

Admin can receive crypto from user by following the same steps, first click receive button, select the user & confirm the transaction.

Front End

  • After a user registers successfully, a wallet address is generated for him/her and he/she can “Send” and “Receive” cryptocurrencies from the user dashboard.

Crypto Receive

  • A QR code will be generated against the unique cryptocurrency wallet address of the user.

  • The user can present his/her wallet address to other users or any valid cryptocurrency (here, BTCTEST) wallet address for receiving cryptocurrency.

Crypto Send

Initially the transaction will be created with pending status, transaction will be success after getting success notification from blockchain.