How to set payment methods for a currency

To do Deposit, Transfer/Request payment, payouts etc..  you need payment gateway.

Right now in PayMoney system we have 5 payments methods -PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayUmoney & Coinpayments.

For each currency  you can set different payment methods.

Go to currencies->click on Payment method.

For each payment method need different credentials. Put the valid credentials for each payments method.


Need to put-

1. PayPal Client id
2. PayPal Secret key
3. If testing mode select sandbox, when it will be on live choose as live mode.


Put stripe secret key & publishable key.

NB: Same as for other methods.





NOTE: YOU MUST SETUP COINPAYMENTS CRONJOB to periodically check users coinpayment transaction status.


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