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Upgrading Pay Money Web App from v3.9 to version v3.9.1

Version Upgrade

Note: The following upgrade procedure is for Pay Money mobile and web applications(which have not been customized)

Applying the following steps to your customized web and mobile applications might break both applications. So, handle with care.

Make sure that you do have a back up of your files and and database before upgrade

N.B. Paymoney - version 3.9.1 is only compatible with PHP version 8. Those who want to upgrade paymoney version 3.9 to 3.9.1 should update their server PHP version to 8 or higher.

This is a quick and small update for upcoming paymoney mobile app react version.

  1. STEP-1: To upgrade from version 3.9 to the latest version 3.9.1 of Pay Money, first, log in to your cPanel.

    • Then, go to File Manager->public_html. or the Subdomain where your script is located at.
  2. STEP-2: Copy and paste these folders from latest version 3.9.1

    • Folder locations are mentioned below - ( * means all folders inside that path )

      • app/Exceptions/Api/V2/*
      • app/Http/Controllers/Api/V2/*
      • app/Http/Resources/*
      • app/Http/Requests/*
      • app/Models/*
      • app/Rules/*
      • app/Services/*
      • resources/lang/*
    • Copy and paste this files specifically

      • app/helpers.php
      • app/Http/Helpers/Common.php
      • app/Http/Middleware/CheckPermission.php
      • app/Http/Middleware/CheckUserInactive.php
      • app/Http/Middleware/CheckUserSuspended.php
      • routes/api_v2.php
      • storage/schema/db_changelog.sql
      • database/migrations/2019_09_01_0000048_create_password_resets_table.php
      • database/seeders/EmailTemplatesTableSeeder.php
      • Modules/Addons/Http/Controllers/AddonsController.php
      • app/Http/Controllers/Users/UserTransactionController.phpresources/views/Themes/modern/views/user_dashboard/transactions/index.blade.php
      • resources/views/Themes/modern/views/user_dashboard/layouts/dashboard.blade.php
  3. STEP-3: You need to update your database. To update, follow the steps below:-

    • Open or download the SQL file from the location - (storage/schema/db_changelog.sql)

    • Now, login to PHPMyAdmin from your browser & select the project database name.

    • After downloading the SQL file, open it with any editor(vscode, notepad++, sublime text, etc) & copy the SQL file text, and paste it like the following screenshot.

    • Click on the ‘Go’ button to continue. (Make sure you have unchecked that display below)

  4. STEP-4: Open .env in a text editor and change the variables APP_VERSION=3.9 to APP_VERSION=3.9.1

  5. STEP-5:

    • Go to your project directory.

    • Log in to your SSH account. Go to the directory where the Pay Money project exists.

    • Run the following command as shown in the screenshot below.

    composer du & php artisan optimize:clear

  6. STEP-6 (optional)

    Go to your admin panel now and take a look around. To continue, you might be asked for your Envato username and purchase code.

    Click to verify purchase code button to verify

After verifying the purchase code your script is now successfully upgraded to the latest version 3.9.1

Make a hard reload by pressing Ctrl+F5 (windows)  Control key+ F5 (mac) in the browser if needed.