Exchange Currency

To exchange currency –

1) Go to user Dashboard, click on ‘Exchange‘ button.


2) Select From wallet currency  &  To wallet currency.

3) Enter exchange amount. Based on currency rate ( ‘From wallet’ currency rate) amount  will be converted.

Note: User wallet currency which are activated from Fees limits->transaction type->Exchange only those currency will come in ‘From wallet’ currency list. All activated currency from Fees limits->Transaction type->Exchange will come in ‘To wallet’ currency list either it’s in wallet or not.

NB: Exchange rate value will be different when rate come from API.

4)  Click on confirm button.




Suppose you are exchanging  amount 10 From USD  to EUR.

Here, Exchange rate is 1 USD =0.85 EUR.

10 USD= 10*0.85

= 8.50 EUR. where exchange fees are (0.12%+1) =1.01

This exchange amount will be added in wallet EUR currency.

Note: Fees are always deducted from ‘From wallet’ currency.

  Total=Amount + fees

= 10+1.01

= 11.01 USD

This total amount will subtracted from wallets USD currency . About Exchange currency,Fees & limits  details are here.



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