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Version 1.7 (December 18, 2018)

PayMoney v-1.7 December 18, 2018

Bug Fixing: 2fa tab visibility according to admin settings in user profile setting.
Bug Fixing: Header and navbar alignment when first name consists of more than four letters.
Bug Fixing: utf-8 charset encoding issue with mail.
Bug Fixing: utf-8 charset encoding issue when creating pages from admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Google recaptcha not required in login.
Bug Fixing: Editor not coming while creating and editing ticket in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Validation of duplicate phone number.
Bug Fixing: Displaying wrong payment method name and image of transactions in user panel.
Improvement: Optimized page loading .
Improvement: Improved exchange module in user panel.
New Features: Added Know Your Customer(Identity and Address Verification).
New Features: User can login via phone only.